Are any Bittorrent trackers disallowed?

Yes, we do not allow access to any Public Bittorrent tracker.


Which trackers do you disallow ?

You can find the blacklist of trackers Here


Why the limits ?

We believe limiting individual traffic is the best way to ensure that we offer uncongested network, ensuring fair usage among users.


Do I get any cpanel or dashboard ?

Yes, You can monitor your data usage, disk usage and manage a bunch of others options using your dashboard.


Which torrent clients do you offer ?

We Currently offer the following clients during the beta phase. While we intend to dynamically upgrade existing users for other clients support

rTorrent - ruTorrent WebUI


What all features do you offer ?

We offer most of the features that can to get you started as soon as you sign up

1. Dashboard

2. FTP Access

3. SSH/SCP Access

4. Encrypted web sesions

5. Encrypted FTP sessions

6. phpProxy


Where are the servers located ?

Our servers are hosted with one of the finest providers in the Europe - Leaseweb, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Do you offer a affiliate scheme, If so what are the payouts like ?

We are working on it.


What is the usable space on the 2 TB Dedicated Disk plan ?

The usable space on the 2 TB dedicated disk plan is roughly ~1800 GB or 1.7 TB.


What payment methods do you accept ?

We currently accept all major credit cards through PayPal checkout. Leave us a message if you are looking for any alternate payment methods.


When does my traffic usage reset ?

Traffic resets on a monthly cycle starting from when you purchased the slot. Renewing the slot does not reset the traffic.


What counts towards my traffic cap?

Only your upload data is counted towards the traffic, while your download data is unlimited.


What happens after I hit my traffic cap ?

Your upload speed is throttled to 5 Mbps, while your download speed remains the same. Your speed would be reset at the ending of your billing period.


Can i purchase extra Bandwidth ?

Yes, you can buy extra bandwidth at the begining of the signup, of 1 TB per 3 EUR's


Can I purchase unique dedicated IP?

You can purchase one for 3 EUR a month with a minimum quarterly commitment


Can other users see my data? Is my information secure?

Access to your files is restricted to just you. We take every precaution to preserve your privacy and security.


How do I contact you ?

You can contact us for sales at Here