Reporting Abuse

To contact us about any form of abuse, please email us at admin@cloudboxie.com . Please include all relevant details. We take abuse seriously and will be in touch as quickly as possible.


General Inquiries

If would like to contact us for non-abuse related inquiries, please either open a support ticket, or email us at support@cloudboxie.com


For Copyright Holders

The quickest way to seek resolution of your issue is to contact us directly. If you chose to contact us through a 3rd party, extra delays are often incurred when validating the legitimacy of the request. As a rule we will ensure content distribution has ceased within 24 hours of our staff receiving valid notice. If your notice appears incorrect, contains false or suspicious-looking credentials we will contact you for further information, as that is not sufficient to investigate under our privacy policy. If you do not respond to our request for correction, we will consider the issue closed.


For Our Customers

If we should receive a valid abuse notification for your use of our services, you will receive notification from us through email. It is our policy to ensure all infringing content is handled within 24 hours, so if we don't hear back from you within 24 hours your services will be temporarily frozen. To unfreeze your services you will need to contact staff and let us know you are going to remove the infringing content at which point we will happily re-instate your account access. If your services are currently frozen please open a support ticket or speak with us on IRC. Repeat incidents will be handled individually by our staff's discretion based on the frequency and severity of the notices.